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30 minutes of my life i can never get back ?

When i was younger on my DS the game i always used to play when i was bored always ended up being TETRIS (it was a game all about moving blocks) . The boring mind consuming game used to take me so long to understand how to play it and up to this date i still don’t understand how to play the game. All the blocked shapes used to look like all of letters of the title of the game. I ended up disliking this game because there never used to be no better levels to complete you was always stuck on the same monotonous level . I wish i got back the 30 minutes of my life

Dantayè weir-williams

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Key terms/ideas from The Chrysalids

Tribulation: tribulation means a state of great trouble or suffering in the chrysalids book the tribulation is in the past in the fringes because the mutants are troublesome and are harmful to the dystopian world.

Offence: offence means doing something your not suppose to. In the chrysalids book the offence I when David wants to have a third arm. It is an offence because he is going against gods will.

Blasphemy: in the bible blasphemy means something that is created by god but has no soul. In the chrysalids book the blasphemy the fringes because they are people with no souls.

Telepathy: telepathy means

Religious extremist:


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Born sinner

It was a stormy night on Friday 13th of January and the wind was howling and the trees was swinging from side to Side . 14 year old Tom Bennett was walking down the darkest road there was. He had to because that was the only way to get to his house. The resonance why the road was so dark was because the light bulbs in the street lamps had blown. He reached his front door pushed open the door and in front of his very eyes his 44 year old mother looked in his fave and Sid to him “little boy we’re have you been” it was minutes to twelve and his mother was worried she sat up for 4 hours infornt of the TV screen that had an interference pattern the reason why she let of at Tom was because he never told his mum what time he was gonna be back from the party

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Born sinner

What is a sinner? A sinner is a person who does things wrong in there stages in life. The things you can get sinned for is things like swearing, drinking alcohol, smoking , fighting , and just general being rude. There will be a time in our life when we get accused of things we haven’t done and have to suffer the consequences for it . If we argue we will get sinned and if we don’t we will get rewarded for the good things we do. an example of sinning. There was a little boy called Dustin his mother told him never try to smoke as a child then one day he went out with his friends and they was smoking, because he saw them smoking he decided to try it . This is a good example of a sinner his mother told him not to and he disobeyed her orders.another example is of another child her name is chesney she was 14 years old she went out to a party with her friends she saw one of her friends drinking she decided to try it but what she didn’t know was her drink was sparked so when she took a sip she dropped to the floor . The result of this is she ended up in hospital with a mild concussion. These are the few examples of sinners .

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Born sinner

I am a born sinner and no one will ever change that infant we all are we do things that we’re not support to do we smoke drink and other things but that was how we was made . We’re going to get in trouble for what we do when judgment day comes we will be cleaned of sinnes and forgiven for what we do Jesus said “farther forgive them for they don’t know what they have done.

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Simple sentences

It was a bright cold day in April the Clocks was striking 13. The mans name was Winston smith. His fat chin nuzzled into his breath in an effort to escape the vile wind. He slipped quickly threw the glass doors of victory mansion. He didn’t get threw quick enough to prevent a swirl of gritty dusty wind the followed him threw the door.

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Subordinate clauses

The ecology of the planet collapsed which therefore meant the Thames had ran dry. All hope was lost because the citizens ignored the warning signs.

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Willows peak

She was walking up the 10 flight of stairs just to get In front of her front door,as she was walking up the stairs she was shaking as if she had been tranquillised,she enjoyed the novalty of her numb fingers she tried to take the keys out of her pocket when she heard a loud scream from the 8th floor then she realised that dark robot’s had broke into the flat . She scurried threw her pockets to find her keys when suddenly out of the blue one of th dark robot’s pushed her into a black sack . Willow scratched and kicked the sack. While she was doing those things the scream from the 8th floor stopped as willow could hear a strong fire blowing sound . As she tried to figure what the sound was she heard a smash as she realised that the robot and herself was up high in the air . She heard a few more smashes as she was in the air . 10 minutes later she landed on the ground she got punched in the face by the dark robot and had been knocked out.
Willow woke back up from being knocked out . She looked confused when she woke up the blow to the face was so lethal she could have died when she turned around to see
were she was and all she could see was dark red capes in the distance behind a wall of fire, she started to panic.

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Future dystopia

What is future dystopia? A future dystopia is a type of future were everything when is turned upside down an every thing was going wrong there are many types of dystopian films and her are some examples of it.

The hunger games
I robot
Children’s men
Mortal kombat
Here are some future dystopian games
Dead rising 1,2,3
Call of duty
Dead trigger
There are many types of dystopian films games and things like that these thing are not real but can happy at any time we just don’t know when they will happen but we always have to look into the future more differently

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Shakespeare captures his audience’s interest by using a range of dramatic devices. One of the dramatic devices used is called a soliloquy .A soliloquy is when an actor in a play who speaks to him/herself in the mind but the audience can her them. An example of this is In the Macbeth play were Macbeth says “Is this a dagger I see before me, the handle toward my hand? Come let me clutch thee: I have the not yet I see thee still. Art thoug not, fatal vision , sensible to feelings as to sight or art thoug but a dagger of the mind a false creation proceeding from the heat- oppressed brain? I see the yet inform as palpable as how I draw. This is an extract from the play 


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